ICNND・NGOアドバイザー、川崎哲(ピースボート共同代表)による論説記事 An op-ed by Akira Kawasaki, ICNND NGO adviser and Peace Boat Exec. Committee Member





The following is an opinion editorial in the Japan Times by Akira Kawasaki, ICNND NGO adviser and a member of the Executive Committee of Peace Boat.

Concerning the implementation of the ICNND recommendations, the article argues for the need of a treaty that bans nuclear weapons and points out the Japanese government’s resistance to nuclear disarmament.

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「日豪パッケージ」は軍縮に乏しい内容 — 「唯一の役割」を採用せず Japan-Australia Joint Package content limited in disarmament– not adopting the “Sole-Purpose” policy




On March 23rd, the Japanese and Australian government released a policy paper, “A New Package of Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation” (Japan-Australia Joint Package), for the upcoming Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

Although this package of 16 proposals reaffirms the ” unequivocal undertaking” for nuclear abolition from the NPT Review Conference in 2000, the actual statements on nuclear disarmament are extremely limited. Above all, even though this package is based on the recommendations by the ICNND released last December, it greatly retrogresses from them. In particular, there is no mention of one of the most important of the ICNND recommendations, “to limit the role of nuclear weapons to the “sole-purpose” of deterrence of nuclear attacks”. The “Sole-Purpose” policy is equivalent to the “No-First-Use” of nuclear weapons, gaining international attention as a significant step in decreasing the role of nuclear weapons.
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岡田外相、豪州訪問にて日豪共同宣言発表 Foreign Minister Okada visits Australia and releases join statement with Foreign Ministers of Australia.


岡田外相は2月21日にスミス豪外相と会談をし、核軍縮・不拡散についての共同ステートメント「核兵器のない世界をめざして」を発表。 5月のNPT再検討会議に向けてより実践的な対応を追求していくことで一致した。

On February 21st, Foreign Minister Okada met with Australia’s Foreign Minister Smith and released a joint statement on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, “Toward a World Without Nuclear Weapons.” They agreed on pursuing a practical approach toward the NPT review conference in May.


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栗原淑江さん発行の月刊「自分史つうしん ヒバクシャ」に、原爆被害者相談員の会の舟橋喜恵さんが、「ICNND広島会合へ日本のNGO・市民たちが核兵器廃絶の早期実現を訴える」という投稿をしておられますので、紹介します。                                                 本文はこちらから。