ICNNDの重要な勧告と日本の政策 ICNND’s important recommendations and Japan’s policy.

12月15日に発表されたICNND報告書の中で、日本にとってとりわけ重 要な勧告について解説する資料(作成:川崎哲・NGOアドバイザー/ピースボー ト)を以下に掲載します。
①核の役割限定、②核兵器禁止条約、③核燃料サイク ルの3点について、簡潔に説明しています。
「No.9 核ドクトリン:先制不使用(NFU)と『唯一の目的』宣言」の全訳(訳・NGO連絡会)を以下に紹介します。

情報シートNo.9 の原文はこちらから

We have posted a document (created by Akira Kawasaki, NGO adviser/ Peace Boat) that explains the important recommendations concerning Japan from the ICNND report that was released on December 15th.
It briefly explains about

  1. Limiting The Role of Nuclear Weapons
  2. The Nuclear Weapons Convention
  3. The nuclear fuel cycle

    Click here to view the document. (Japanese version only)

Also, the ICNND has organized the 300-page report (including 76 recommendations) into an “information sheet” according to each theme, posting it on the web.

Of the 25 pages of the “information sheet”, the Japanese translated version of“No. 9 Nuclear Doctrine: No First Use And `Sole Purpose` Declarations” can be viewed here. Click here to view the original text of the “Information Sheet” No.9.Click here to view the entire content of the “Information Sheet”.



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