ICNND報告書発表に関する報道 Media re ICNND report

12月15日のICNND報告書発表に関する記事を紹介します。英語記事にある豪The Age紙の記事”We must lead on nukes”は、マルコム・フレーザー元首相らが共同で執筆した、「今回の報告書をもとに、豪州や日本政府が核軍縮での行動を主導しなければならない」という内容の論説記事であり、注目されます。

Introduced below are media reports on the 15 December launch of the ICNND report.
The editorial written by former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser et al published in The Age under the title “We must lead on nukes” particularly emphasises the need for Australia and Japan to lead action for nuclear disarmament.



ICNND:核軍縮委、25年までに「先制不使用宣言を」 全保有国へ提言、毎日新聞、12月16日

核攻撃抑止に限定 不拡散委、中国新聞、12月16日



核の先制不使用、中長期的な課題 岡田外相、日本経済新聞、12月15日

核軍縮:保有国に「先制不使用」宣言求める 国際委員会、毎日新聞、12月15日

核のない世界へ 賢人会議が提言を発表、日テレ、12月15日


軍縮委、核兵器の目的限定を 米審指針で明記求める、共同通信、12月15日

—Articles in English–

ICNND Spreads Tainted Joy, Global Perspectives, 9 January 2009

Arms and the Pragmatists, The Times of India, 7 January 2009

Getting rid of all nukes, Asahi Shimbun, 21 December 2009

NUCLEAR ABOLITION: Commission Spreads Tained Joy, InDepthNews, 19 December 2009

New chance to limit the nuclear threat, Canberra Times, 19 December 2009

A real chance for a world free of nuclear weapons, Sydney Morning Herald, 17 December 2009

Report on nuke threat is a dud, The Australian, 17 December 2009

U.S. Disarmament Is Dangerous for Asia, The wall street jounal , 16 December 2009

We must lead on nukes, The Age, 16 December 2009

Our nuclear stance must go beyond deterrence, Sydney Morning Herald, 16 December 2009

The bomb squad, The Age, 16 December 2009

A sensible plan to rid the world of nuclear arms, Sydney Morning Herald, 16 December 2009

Kevin Rudd puts nuclear arsenal on agenda, The Australian, 16 December 2009

Commission points way for uranium sales, Sydney Morning Herald, 16 December 2009

Uranium exports to India on cards, The Age, 16 December 2009

Report on N-proliferation falls short of India’s expectations, Times of India, 16 December 2009

Disarmament panel puts India, Pak in same category, The Economic Times, 16 December 2009

Fresh nuclear non-proliferation theory report fails to cheer India, Daily News & Analysis, 16 December 2009

Nuclear report fails to name weapons eradication date, News.com.au (AAP), 15 December 2009

Calls to reduce world’s nuclear warhead stockpiles, ABC, 15 December 2009

Call for nuclear powers to slash warheads by 2025, The Australian, 15 December 2009

Nuclear powers urged to slash arsenals, ABC, 15 December 2009

Nuclear issues a critical challenge: Rudd, SBS, 15 December 2009

Report recommends deep cuts to nuclear arsenal, Radio Australia, 15 December 2009

Report seeks big cut in nuke stockpile, Sydney Morning Herald (AAP), 14 December 2009









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