ICNND報告書、12月15日に発表(ラッド首相、エバンズ議長来日) ICNND Report to be launched on 15 December (PM Rudd and Co-Chair Evans coming to Japan)

来る12月15日(火)にケビン・ラッド豪首相とギャレス・エバンズICNND共同議長(豪元外相)が来日し、その日に、エバンズ・川口両議長が、鳩山・ラッド両首相に報告書を手渡すということが、外務省によって正式発表されました(外務省のプレスリリースはこちら)。『核の脅威の除去(Eliminating Nuclear Threats)』と題する報告書は、12月15日以降、ICNNDのホームページからダウンロードできるようになります(こちら)。

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially announced that on the coming 15 December (Tues), Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and ICNND Co-Chair Gareth Evans (former Foreign Minister) will be travelling to Japan, and Co-Chairs Evans and Kawaguchi will be presenting the ICNND Report to Prime Ministers Rudd and Hatoyama in person (MOFA’s release can be seen here. The report, entitled “Eliminating Nuclear Threats,” will be downloadable from the ICNND homepage from 15 December (here).


Following the presentation of the report to the Prime Ministers, Co-Chairs Evans and Kawaguchi will be holding a session with Japanese NGOs (the steering committee of the ICNND Japan NGO Network is currently finalising the participants in this session, who will mostly be individuals and organisations participating in the Network). After this session, an NGO Press Conference will be held at Bengoshi Kaikan (Kasumigaseki, Tokyo) from 6:45 pm. NGOs from Japan, Australia and around the world, in cooperation with the Mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are planning to announce a joint statement at this time.  (Read the related NGO press release here  English press release is here).



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