ICNND「唯一の役割」提言に対して日本政府はどうするのか?–国会論戦 Japanese government reaction to ICNND’s recommendation of “sole purpose” – Diet debate

すでにお知らせしているとおり、ICNNDは今月中にも報告書を発表し、そのなかで「核兵器の『唯一の役割』は核の使用を抑止することである」と宣言するよう、核保有国に要請するとみられます。この核の「唯一の役割」に関する宣言(“Sole Purpose” Declaration)を、3段階行動計画のうちの「短期的措置」(2012年までに実現する措置)として提言するということです。
As previously written, the ICNND will be releasing its final report this month, and is likely to call for nuclear weapon states to declare that the “sole purpose” of nuclear weapons should be to deter the use of other nuclear weapons. This “Sole Purpose” Declaration will most likely be listed as one of the short-term measures (to be realised by 2012) within the report.

An intense debate is now going on regarding this topic at the Diet. Parliamentarian Hamada Masayoshi (Komeito) presented a question to Foreign Minister Okada Katsuya, asking the Government’s  thoughts on the fact that if the ICNND recommends Sole Purpose, this is different to Japanese policy, which now takes the position that nuclear weapons also have a role in the deterrence of biological, chemical and conventional weapons. Foreign Minister Okada responded on 27 November that limiting the role of nuclear weapons to this “sole purpose” would be something the Japanese Government could not support at present.

Minister Okada is known for his strong advocacy of Non-First Use. Within his response, he presented his own personal opinion that if the ICNND report included a recommendation such as for Sole Purpose that this would be “a good report”, however emphasised that this position is not necessarily the same as the Government’s policy. This very significant response showed that the current nuclear policy of the Japanese Government is the same as it was during the former Liberal Democratic Party’s administration.

This demonstrates the extremely deep resistance within the Government to Okada’s personal position in support of non-first use and limiting the role of nuclear weapons. Considering that it is now a key time for internal debate on nuclear policy, it can be said that the Foreign Minister’s response was quite defensive. The need to deliver voices of citizens in support of limiting and reducing the role of nuclear weapons to the Government, Ministers and parliamentarians in a much clearer way is evident.


2009.11.19 動画開始から8:00のところが該当部分


Parliamentarian Hamada’s question can be seen here, from around the 8.00 mark on the 2009.11.19 footage.



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